Meet the family

A family of six?  How do we cope?  A lot of laughter mixed with the highs and lows!

So, who are we? 

The inspiration

Well first there is Abigail.  A twirly, girls, cheerful girl.  She loves pink and purple, soft textures, unicorns and mermaids and creating everything.  Abigail is the inspiration behind Abi-Lou, the inspiration for some of our products and the original maker of others.  In other cases Abigail takes part in the making process, she is dab hand at transferring a pattern onto fabric ready for cutting, and she is learning to use the sewing machine.

The climber

Cameron, the biggest of the boys and looked up to by Hamish as a hero.  A climber, a musician, gaming mad and an excellent chef.  Cam is starting to help with some of the graphic design elements of the business, especially creating images for Facebook.

The Footballer

Elijah is our budding sportsman, football being his current forte, but he has ridden and played cricket forever.  He is also an animal lover and a top-notch baker.  Elijah is a wizz at needle felting and makes some of our brooches, he also has an intermittent love of the sewing machine.

The dog lover

Hamish takes after both his brothers, he climbs everything, loves horses and dogs.  He loves to be outdoors, running in the fields or on his bike.  Hamish is another budding machinist.  Currently working on an old Singer hand crank it won’t be long till he gets his hands on my machine!


Then we have Mr HQ, a science and IT teacher with a love for the outdoors, cycling and camping.  He is most likely to be found in a field or watching his current favourite TV series.

The dogsbody

And there is me, Zoë. The cheerleader, encourager, costume maker (even for horses!) and general dogsbody.  I run Abi-Lou on a day-to-day basis, doing a lot of the making for now until future Abigail decides the direction of the business. 

This is us.  One crazy family on a journey.