Why the heart?

Our logo is a heart, you may have noticed!  It’s not symmetrical, it’s a
little off centre, full of glitter and worn with pride.  But why is it such?  

Well, Abigail has a congenital heart condition.  An AVSD – an Atrio Ventricular Septal Defect.  There will be wonderful medics out there to whom this means something, and there will be many more to whom it’s just a bunch of letters and Latin.  In simple terms it means she was born with a dodgy ticker! Three holes and a dysfunctional valve.  Not helpful for any growing child.  She was on medication from tiny, we weaned her on apple pure starters and ice cream for dessert because they hid the taste and we knew she’d eat them, with the food we actually wanted her to taste being the ‘main course’ in between!  She still loves ice cream! 

At the grand old age of three Abigail received open heart surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.  It was strange.  Going to visit the hospital before the surgery I was reminded, and thankful, of my high school music teacher, Mrs Divers.  Her grandson was born with a severe heart condition and underwent 6-hour open heart surgery before he was months old, saving his life.  I don’t remember all the details, afterwards our class helped Mrs Divers raise money to buy a new ECG machine for the hospital.  By the time Abigail arrived it would have been replaced again, but there was comfort that someone I knew had been here before, had been through the process.

Abigail was a star and recovered well.  She is now on annual review, where they do a whole barrage of test each time, but she is so good, a real pro by now.  She is still on medication to control her blood flow but at last year’s review the Dr said that he would consider reducing this.  Awesome news! 

This is the reason for the heart logo, Abigail’s heart will never be medically ‘perfect’, but it is hers, and it is beautiful.  So what if it is a little different in the way that it functions and needs a bit of help?  That’s her all over!  And the glitter?  Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Pink and purple are her favourite colours, and this house seems to have a permanent film of glitter (not dust 😉).  When Abigail had the surgery, she required a full body transfusion, so there is every chance she actually does have glitter in her veins.

EDIT: Apparently Abigail does NOT have glitter in her veins, just blood!  My mistake…


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